We have our hand in all things honeybee. Below are the services we most often provide. If your looking for something in particular and do not see it here, feel free to contact us with any questions

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Live Removal and Relocation of Honeybees

We specialize in the live removal and relocation of honeybee colonies. Our removal specialist have more than ten years combined experience between them. We have seen it all from 12ft x 12ft hives in a wall to swarms barely able to fill a coffee cup.


Raw Unfiltered Honey

Local honey, Raw and Unfiltered made right here in Acadiana.


Honeybee Products

Various products made with Honey and Beeswax. All products are natural and made here in Acadiana. Beeswax, Lip Balms, Beard Balms and more


Events, Displays and Lectures

We have Honeybee displays and information, we will gladly come out to set up and talk Honeybees and Beekeeping with any size audience or age groups. 

We do events such as a Community get together, Markets or Festivals. This is a great time for us to get to know the community and share our information and passion with the public. We can set up our displays and sell our products while we give handouts and information to interested patrons


Honeybee sales and Rentals

We Sell Nucleus Hives and even full hives upon request. 

We rent Nucleus or full size hives to local farmers or families that would like some additional pollinators in the area to assist with a particular crop or garden.