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Live Honeybee Removals and Relocations

We perform Live honey bee removals from homes, buildings, trees and other structures. We will come out and assess the location of a colony of honeybees. We will give a full briefing to the homeowner or property representative on the best way to access and remove the honeybees.

Once the homeowner or property representative agrees to the terms of the removal, we will gain access to the colony and begin the removal process. We will remove as many of the honeybees as possible (Typically 95 to 98 percent).

We will remove the comb, honey, and brood (bee eggs and larva) from the area and place into the frames used to house and raise the bees.  

Once everything is removed, we will clean the area and Spray with a 100% natural repellant. This will cover the pheromones that are already in the area, as well as deter another colony from investigating the area as a new potential home.

Once all of this is complete, we will take the comb, honey, brood and honeybees, to one of our holding yards. We will set the bees up with their hive and attempt to re-establish their colony.

What is some information that would be beneficial before contacting Ducky's Apiary for a removal

  • What type of structure are the honeybees inhabiting?

  • Approximately how long have they been there, or at least known about?

  • Approximately how high up is the entrance to the hive?

  • Has the hive been sprayed with anytime of pesticide, If so.....What and how long ago?

  • Is there any other special care that may need to be taken during the removal process?

Please note that before any work can be started, we will need written permission from the homeowner or property representative. Our removal specialists will have this documentation with them to be signed.