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Robidoux Family

Our History…….

Matt and Brittany met in the early 2000’s in a small town in North Carolina were their friendship quickly budded into a loving relationship. In 2008, Matt and Brittany were married and began to plan work for the goals they had set early on in life. In 2011, Brittany surprised Matt with the news that the family of two was growing and soon they would have another future to plan for. 

 In October, Brittany gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Evan. After the birth of their son, Matt was lucky enough to get a job in the oilfield, only catch was they would have to move to Louisiana. After much discussion they decided that this is the future God had provided and the future they would take.

In 2012 they packed up the few things they owned, their small dog and six month old son and began driving southwest to Lafayette. Matt Began work and they all three quickly fell in love with the area. They loved the community and the great people they had met in a short time. They lived in a small suburb and were enjoying life, but something was missing. They both longed to have a small farm where they could raise their own animals and grow their own food. In 2014 they were given that opportunity when one of Matt’s coworkers decided to move out of state and sold his house and land in Carencro to the Robidoux family. They moved to the countryside and began raising chickens, rabbits and growing their veggies in a garden. Late in 2014, Brittany mentioned to Matt that she thought it would be nice to have a beehive on the property to help pollinate the garden.

Matt began to do a lot research and the more he read and learned the more fascination he developed for the Honeybee. Not long after they started their research, Brittany surprised Matt once again with the fact that their family would be growing once more. They got their first bees in April of 2015 and in May, Brittany gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Addison.                                   

Our love and appreciation for the bees grows more and more every day. We are constantly adding more hives to our collection and growing our family business steadily. Brittany and Evan both have their own equipment and help when they can with everything from removing bees, to hive inspection and the best family event…Pulling Honey.

In the years since we’ve started beekeeping, we have met many wonderful people along the way and try to spread our love and happiness with everyone we meet. Beekeeping has taken us so many new places and given us a way to help the community that we now call our Family. We all look forward to where this journey will take us and we hope to see you along the way.

Matt Robidoux _ Owner/Operator

Matt Robidoux _ Owner/Operator

Matthew Robidoux "Ducky"

After leaving the US Marine Corps and moving to Louisiana, Matt started beekeeping as a hobby. The more he learned the more he fell in love with the beauty and efficiency of honeybees, as well as the amazing benefits that they bring to the word. He decided to dig further into the beekeeping lifestyle and has never looked back. He decided that this hobby has become so much more and decided to create Ducky's Apiary to help share his passion with the community and to do his part in making the world understand just how amazing these creatures are.


Brittay Robidoux _ Owner/Operator

Brittay Robidoux _ Owner/Operator

Brittany Robidoux

Brittany has been with Matt from the beginning. She was with him through his years in the military and stood by him as he transitioned in the oilfield, and again as he made the jump to beekeeping. She encouraged him to follow his passion with the bees and assists in many operations within company, from taking orders and answering phones to bottling/labeling and delivering honey. She continues to support Matt and Ducky's Apiary from the first hive to the growing operation they now manage.


Richard Metcalf _ Beekeeper / Removal Specialist

Richard Metcalf _ Beekeeper / Removal Specialist

Richard Metcalf

After 20 years serving in the US Army and as local law enforcement, Richard continued looking for a hobby to keep his adrenaline up. What he found instead was a profound love and respect for a creature that calmed him down instead. After 8 years of removing bees, keeping hives and communing with one of nature's most mystifying creations, he continually studies the honeybee in search of the perfect method to save, raise, and share the wonder of these creatures.

To see more of Richard, please visit: 

Happy Worms Honey Farms


Sean Olivier and his service dog Chloe _ Sales and Margeting

Sean Olivier and his service dog Chloe _ Sales and Margeting

Sean Olivier

Sean served five years US Army. After sustaining injuries, he was discharged in 2013. He then began working in the Oilfield. He did this for a few years before the physical nature of the work began to take a toll on his body, causing his injuries to flair back up. He decided to step away from the oilfield and go to what he loves doing, sales. Sean shares the same passion as the rest of the Ducky's team, providing a product that is not only good for you but at a price that you can afford.  He has many years of selling experience. He believes in treating each customer, individual or wholesale, like family.

 Sean brings with him, Chloe, his service animal. She brings a smile to all of our faces. You will always see the two of them together at our events.

If you would like to know more and become part of the family contact Sean at: 

LT Apiaries Connection